Welcome to Peter Pan’s Flight, where you can board a flying pirate ship, sail over the London skyline and make your way to Neverland, to fight the evil Captain Hook and save the Darling children! What an exciting ride, which is why it often has the longest waits of any attraction at Disneyland.

This classic dark ride is a must-do for any first time visitor, and is the gold-standard for every storybook attraction in the world. Unlike attractions like Pinocchio’s Daring Journey or Under the Sea: Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Peter Pan’s Flight doesn’t recount the plot of Walt Disney’s Peter Pan (1953) like a book report. It takes the imagery, music and sense of wonder from the film and uses it to create its own unique experience that is separate and distinct from the film.. Everyone who’s been to Disneyland can remember what it’s like to fly over London with Peter Pan for the first time. That’s the power of a true classic.

2022 Ride Video

Opening day attraction.
Rebuilt in 1982-83.
Updated in 2015 with new animatronics of the Darling Children flying above the bed.

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